2021 senior model Team Details

Thank you so much for applying to be part of Denise Photography's 2021 Senior Model Team! I am looking for stylish outgoing and motivated high school seniors to help spread the word about Denise Photography. Being a senior model means you're spokesperson for Denise Photography. You will be showing off your portraits to all your friends through social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook) and sharing your experience with your friends. You will have access to MANY exclusive benefits ONLY available to my senior models. Below are all the benefits you will enjoy as a senior model:

Senior model benefits

$$ discount

Senior models enjoy a very generous discount on their product package. This is the only discount I run all year long. I do go over the pricing details in person during the interview.


Multiple Sessions

Your first session will be May/June 2020. You will then have the option of shooting your official senior session during Fall 2020/Spring 2021. You will also be able to enjoy exclusive mini-sessions through the year only available to senior models.


Senior model social gatherings

You will be able to meet everyone on the team and be able to attend social gatherings through the year! We usually do a huge welcome party in May, a holiday party in December and a final going away lunch in June where the scholarship is awarded.



What is required to be a senior model?

The most important job as a senior model is to be willing to post your photo's on social media on a monthly basis and be willing to share important announcements on your page. Your parents permission to be on the team is also very important. You may not model or represent any other photography studio. You can not take portraits with any other high school senior photographer during the year.

How will I spread the word about denise photography?

My most successful senior models post on their social media to share their photos/experiences with Denise Photography about twice a month. They post their pictures on Instagram, Insta Story, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook. Posting on your social media platforms is super important and the easiest way to spread the word about Denise Photography.

Are parents allowed to come to the photo sessions?

Yes, absolutely!! Senior sessions are super special and parents are highly encouraged to be present.

What is the next step to be selected as a senior model?

After applications are submitted, I will choose a few students to interview. The interview is a great time for you and your parent(s) to meet with me to answer any questions you might have about being on the team. I do go over all the details with you and your mom in case you have any questions about being on the team. I do a brief interview just to get to know you better, but I promise it is super easy and not scary at all. After interviews are completed, I will select the final team.

Don't forget to schedule your interview!